Why You Need To Take Your Workout Outdoors

Posted by Rebecca Williamson on Friday, July 26, 2019

Why You Should Take Your Workout Outdoors
Take advantage of the warmer months and take your sweat sesh outdoors!

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Take your workout outdoors! A change in scenery, some fresh air, and a little sunlight are great for the mind and body.

Allowing yourself to connect with Mother Nature while exercising makes you appreciate the beauty all around you even more. Some of my favorite outdoor exercises are strength training circuits (using body weight exercises, TRX straps and/or bands, and dumbbells); tire flips; trail running; hiking; walking, and riding bikes with my family; kayaking; and cycling the city with my husband and friends. There are so many wonderful parks and trail systems throughout Louisville, you should give one (or a few) a try.

Studies have shown that outdoor exercise (“green exercise”) helps improve mood, reduce depression, and enhance self-esteem. The exposure to sunlight enhances the production of vitamin D, which helps increase serotonin levels in the brain allowing a big boost in your mood. So, all the more reason to get outside.

I love training my clients and working out at Milestone.  I also love meeting clients at local parks or taking them right outside of Milestone for an outdoor workout. They love the workouts and change of scenery too!

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