Winning at Running: 3 Tips for Weight Loss

Posted by Elizabeth Dowell on Tuesday, November 17, 2015
Elizabeth Dowell

When it comes to running, typically you’re in one of two categories: you love it or you hate it. (Okay fine, there’s the third option of a combined love-hate relationship.) Regardless of how you feel about it, one thing is for sure – the benefits of running far outweigh any woes.

From weight loss to muscle tone and released endorphins to the post-run runner’s high, running is an extremely effective way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and hit your weight loss goals.

There are some tricks of the trade, of course, and we’d like to let you in on it. To maximize your running routine for weight loss and achieving its boundless healthy benefits, here are three powerful tips to help up your running game:

Tip #1: Get Into Sprint Interval Training

Repeating maximum-intensity and short-duration exercises – aka sprint interval training or “SIT” – are just as effective as endurance and long-duration exercises, and actually improve aerobic performance. Include quicker and high-intensity running sessions (think: 4-6 reps of 30-second treadmill sprints) into your weekly running routine for SIT bliss.

Tip #2: Boost With Fat-Burning Runs

A few ways to guarantee a boost of fat-burning runs is to do the following runs and/or exercises at least once per week: a long run, high-intensity SIT (see Tip #1) or cross-training, and increase the frequency or amount of runs all together.

Tip #3: Constantly Mix It Up

Remember that your body craves variety. Continuously change up your running routine with SIT and fat-burning runs (see: Tips #1 and #2) to prevent your body from adapting and hitting the dreaded plateau.

Certified strength and conditioning specialists recommend changing up two of the following categories every four to six weeks – frequency, intensity, time and type. On top of that, switching up your routine every workout will help maximize results.

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