5 Ways To Survive The Season of Eating

Posted by Lauren Higgins on Monday, November 14, 2016

Follow these 5 tips to survive dinner this holiday season!

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With the holiday season coming up, we must be consistent now more than ever with our workouts and healthy habits.  Here are some quick tips to get through the holiday season without sabotaging your health and wellness journey.

Pick your least favorite food and just say no. 

For example, if you can do without the mashed potatoes, don’t put any on your plate. It will help you save room for foods that you enjoy more!

Only eat dessert where you know it will be the best.

If pumpkin pie isn’t your favorite, but you know the next party you go to will have cheesecake, the choice is easy. Hold out for the good stuff!

No rolls unless they are homemade.

Skip the store-bought stuff if it means you can enjoy the homemade ones even more.

Watch the alcohol calories.

This one speaks for itself.

When in doubt, bring a dish you know you'll eat.

Offer to bring a dish that will give you something you feel good about eating. Roasted root vegetables, a holiday salad with cranberries, or fresh fruit are all crowd and waistline pleasing options.

Above all just enjoy your holidays, don’t skip your workouts, and cherish special times with your family and friends.   

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